a blog about blogging

I have a theory that single people are more likely to blog than married people. And if that theory is wrong then I have another theory, single people and/or unhappily married people should blog more. Blogging, like Facebook, I think, makes you feel like you're being heard. It makes you feel like people are listening to what you have to say. It makes you feel less alone.

For me, blogging is about getting out of my head what I would say to someone if they were hanging out with me. I sort of have a running commentary in my head about things going on around me: observations, things that make me laugh, sigh, roll my eyes, etc. and if someone were standing next to me, I would share those thoughts but because it's just me traveling or grocery shopping or dealing with my co-workers or wondering whether my mechanic has chronic dry eye or if he's just stoned and if he is stoned is it every day? is it before work or just after? is he high now? is it easier that he gets to wear the same thing to work every day?

So I blog. And I update my Facebook status. Frequently. Sometimes inappropriately. And I have tried to Tweet on Twitter but I just feel too restricted by 120 characters. I mean, who can say ANYTHING REALLY in 120 characters? Some people I guess. Not me. I'm too verbose. And I have too many observations to make. And too much to ramble on about.

As I'm doing now.

This is the life.
- a