Everything in moderation

You know that old expression: everything in moderation? I don't get that. I am sort of all all-or-nothing person so moderation is not usually in my vocabulary. Also, not only do I want all or nothing of something, I usually want it now. Patience is not my strong suit. Neither, it seems, is patience a strong suit for many single women that I know. Talking to my guy friends confirms one thing for sure: as you get older (35 and up), for men, finding women is like shooting fish in a barrel. Not so for women.

For women, because our biological clock is ticking, because we are ready to settle down, because we are looking for "the one", and because of sheer numbers (older men dating younger women + fewer single older men = less men for older women to date. It's just math, people) there are more women over 35 looking to date than men over 35 looking to date them. Then add in the fact that as you get older you become less tolerant of silly games and dating nonsense, and you get women who are ready to be in a relationship RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE.

But honestly, if we are going to find the right guy, and if we are going to be at least as happy in a relationship as we are on our own (after all, if you're not, what's the point), then maybe we need to be a little patient. Maybe we need to take a breath and just let things happen. Maybe we need to see where life takes us and just enjoy the ride. Maybe we need to try to be less in control of our destiny and be more excited to find our destiny.

Which is very easy to say. And not so easy to do. Patience is not my strong suit. Not all all. But I am willing to wait for someone great to come along. And I am willing to enjoy my life totally and fully until he gets here. But that doesn't mean I won't wish and hope that he gets here tomorrow.

This is the life.

- a