to Botox or not to Botox

Here's the thing. My brother is a plastic surgeon. And he's not just any plastic surgeon, he trained at Johns Hopkins. Yep. I said it. I am proud of my brother and I'm shouting out his credentials. Not just to make myself look better ("Hey!" you think to yourself, "If her brother is smart enough to do his residency at Hopkins, and her other brother went to the University of Michigan - go Blue- and is fluent in Japanese, she must be smart too." See, I know how you think) but also to explain to you that I didn't do Botox just to do Botox.

I didn't do it because I saw all the Housewives from NYC to the OC with their unmoving plastic faces and I didn't do it because I am freaking out about getting older (because, let's be honest, I'm actually getting BETTER with age), I did it because I believe in my brother and if thinks that my wrinkles in my forehead would look better if they were, say, invisible, then I'm going to agree with him.

Some people would just say "do it and be quiet about it" but- let's be honest about this too- neither modesty nor keeping my personal business to myself has ever been a strong suit. So I say to you "I had Botox." Just a little. Just to see what it's like. Just because my brother said it would help and he rocks. Just because it's there.

I don't know if I will re-Botox when this wears off in 3-6 months. I don't know if I'll stop with Botox as I get older (and better). I do know this- this is the life.

- a