Happy almost birthday to me

As my birthday approaches in the upcoming days (yes, I know you are counting down the days with me) I am getting more introspective. I wonder if, as tired as I am at the end of the day now, will that multiply as I get older? Will I be more appreciative of my children, my family, my friends as I experience more and go through more peaks and valleys of life? Will I regret decisions I made in the past- chances I never took for fear of being rejected? Will I regret things I never said or things I should not have said? Did I say"I love you" enough? Did I say "thank you" enough? Did I say "I'm sorry enough?"

As I get older, will I stop comparing myself to others? Will I stop waiting for something to happen to make everything turn out alright? Will I learn that it is all alright just as it is? Will I learn to accept what is in my life and not focus on what isn't? Will I learn to forgive myself when I forget to do all of those things?

Each year is another year on this path, this journey of life. You're not trying to get anywhere, you just have to live it. Everyone's journey starts the same and ends the same. It's the life in- between that makes each of us different. It's the in-between that gives us joy and sadness and fills our hearts and breaks our hearts and takes our breath away and challenges us and makes us stronger. Each experience, each heartache, each challenge gives us something new to learn. Maybe that's the lesson of life- to just learn. Learn to love ourselves and love our neighbors and love each other and be happy.

This is the life.

- a