It's the climb

Ok, so not to get a Miley Cyrus song stuck in your head, but I was talking to a friend the other day who reminded me that "it's the journey" that makes life fun. This is a theme that has been running through my head (and my life) lately, so it seems that this may be the year I tackle this demon.

See, I like to know how things are going to end. I like to know that there is a happy ending just waiting to happen, that things are going to work out as they should, that people will feel satisfied and vindicated and happy and grateful at the end of a journey. But really, that's the rub: things are going to work out as they are supposed to work out, not necessarily as you want them to work out. People are going to be happy or they are not, irrespective of the circumstances; "happily ever after" is a state of mind and not a state of being.

I try to tell myself these things. I try to tell myself that whether you are happy in your life has less to do with what is surrounding you and more to do with what is in your heart and mind. I try to tell myself that the thrill of a first kiss, of a first date, of a first phone call are worth the waiting the next day to see if the phone will ring again, to see if there will be a second date or a second kiss. It's that thrill and then stomach-churning anticipation that is supposed to be what makes this roller coaster of life such a thrill. It's the not knowing whether there will be a phone call or a second date that makes answering that call (or text or email) so much sweeter.

At least that is what I'm told and in my heart of hearts, that is what I believe. My lesson for today and for tomorrow: sit back and try, just try, to enjoy the ride.

After all, this is the life.

- a