Sunday night

It's Sunday night. Sunday night is a funny night for me. I already miss the weekend but it's not yet over; I am already anticipating the week ahead but it's not yet here. I think about the work I have to do and all I need to accomplish in the coming week and sometimes it's just daunting.

Sunday night always takes me by surprise. There are lunches to be made and planned and dinners to be thought out and homework to do and laundry and dishes and pets to be cared for.... the list goes on and on. Each and every Sunday it's the same routine. It is comforting in its stability, but it is also tiring and frustrating in that it creeps up just as I am really getting into enjoying the weekend.

Maybe instead, I could try to look at Sunday as the lead-off batter in a baseball game. (Bear with me, I know just [ ] this much about baseball.) At the beginning of the game, you look at the line-up- good pitchers, good sluggers on the roster, good match up between teams. You have no idea what the 9 innings will bring but you know it's a beautiful night outside, you have a hot dog in one hand and a beer in other, and you're waiting with baited breath for the first pitch. Over the 9 innings cheers will be yelled and disappointment may be felt- and all are things you could never plan for before the game begins.

Sunday is like that. I can plan and plot and determine which child needs to be at which activity when. I can try to figure out what project I will work on, but really, I won't actually know what's going to get done during the week until I'm in the thick of it. It won't be until Friday that I will look back to see whether the week was as successful as I had hoped when I looked ahead from Sunday night. I guess that's what Sunday night is- a night of hope and anticipation for the week to come. So from me to you on this Sunday night, here's hoping for more cheers and more home runs in the coming week. Batter up!

This is the life.

- a