To party or not to party, that is the question

So this week I turn 39. Every year I celebrate my birthday. I plan a party with my friends and I celebrate me- I'm just that narcissistic. But here's the thing: if I didn't plan a party for myself, who would do it for me? I have great friends, but they have busy lives. I am not married, my kids are too young to plan anything and my family is far away. So what's a girl to do? Sit home waiting for someone to call or remember? I think not. My way is to plan it so that I can surround myself by friends who will help me celebrate another year gone by and a new one ahead.

This year I've decided to have people to my house to help me celebrate, well, me. The group is eclectic: people I've known for years, people I've known for months, people whose houses are bigger than mine, people who are in transition, people who are older than me, younger than me, people who are in love or out of love or looking for love or looking for distraction or looking for solace or spirituality. Many won't know anyone else but all will know me. All are people who are taking time out of their lives to have a drink with me, to raise their glass and wish me well. All are people I treasure for many different reasons. All are people to whom I am grateful because it is their presence that makes it so I am neither alone nor lonely on my birthday and all will help me celebrate one more year gone by and the beginning of a new age. Literally. I have years under my belt and years to come. I have lessons I've learned and more to go. I am rich with friendship and love. I will take this year and do things I have never done before. I will take my birthday night with my friends who will wish me a happy birthday and wish me well and to them I say "Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you". Here's to them.

After all, this is the life.

- a


  1. I guess I should get a good bottle of Champagne at Costco so I can toast your turning 39. What an adventure you've had. Just remember, live for today, but be careful, you still need to continue the adventure (Sally Jane) tomorrow.
    Aunt E


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