Too much

I have been accused of being "too much" at times. It happened the other day when, freshly adorned with multiple strands of (faux) pearls and (faux) flower pin, I set off the metal detector at the courthouse. Twice. (For those of you who have just joined us, I was at the courthouse because I am an attorney, not a litigant. You can breathe easy now). The sheriff said to me, "You just have a lot going on there." Sir, I thought, you have no idea.

See, the life of a single parent is challenging and exhilarating and exciting and scary and joyous and tearful. The dating and the waiting and the hoping and the praying all lead to one giant messy delicious life. There are wonderful things about being a single parent; and there are terrifying things as well. On a daily basis you are confronted with decisions - about the household, about finances, about meals, about bedtime and lunches and sleep-overs and play dates. You are on your own in deciding what's in the best interest of your child moment-by-moment. You are on your own in deciding whether to date and whom to date and when to date and if you should call and who you should call and whether you should text or email. Or not. You are on your own. It can be scary and intimidating but you can take this new-found freedom and embrace your life.

Take ownership of decisions you make and choose your own path. You get to decide what your life will be. You can take this wrench thrown into your life and use it to crank things up a notch. You can wallow and cry and pity yourself and your kids, and then you can throw off the covers and GET. A. MOVE. ON to living your life.

Live each day. Relish what it has to offer- the good and the bad. Devour the opportunities that present themselves to you. Dance in the rain and make a cake for no reason and call someone just because and put yourself out there. You can do it. You can take ownership of your life. You can be ALL that you want to be. It will happen.

After all, this is the life.
- a