Twins are like monkeys

So I have two friends who are twins and today is their birthday. They tell a story of their mother sending them off to Kindergarten, worrying about whether they would make friends, whether they would do well in school- just as all parents worry. Their mother was given this sage advice, "Twins are like monkeys. Everybody loves them."

And it's true. Everyone does love the twins, (everyone also always calls them "the twins"); they did just fine in Kindergarten and throughout their lives. They are the kind of girls that people look at and think their lives are perfect. People make assumptions about them without ever knowing who they are. They have been through tragedies and triumphs. Their lives are not perfect but they seek to live their lives each day the best they can. They care about each other, they care about their families, they care about their friends almost to a fault- sometimes in caring about others so much they forget to care about themselves.

They are selfless and they are caring and they are kind and compassionate and loving and funny and they are friends you want with you in a snowstorm- steadfast and sturdy. My wish for them on this birthday is that they do more for themselves, that they let others do more for them, that they let others give them back some of what they have given out. My wish for them is that this year they dance more and worry less, that they sing more and cry less, and that they love more and fear less.

Happy Birthday, Twins.

This is the life.
- a