Year 38 day 364

Today is my last day of being 38. What a wild year it's been. It's been a year of successes and setbacks, of losing touch and getting back in touch, of reconnecting with my past but in a way that reflects who I am today. This year brought many people back into my life whom I thought I would not see again, would not hear from again. It's been a real lesson for me in embracing the future but honoring the past.

Several friends came back into my life this year. Some for a moment, some for several months, some forever- all have made an impact. All have reminded me that everything I experienced in the past- all of the wild times and mistakes and foolishness and happiness, all taught me something about myself. I learned that I like to be around people but that I also need time for myself. I learned that sometimes I give too much or say to much or do too much and that sometimes I need to hold back- both to protect myself and my family and friends. I learned that being grateful for lessons learned can turn past hurt into enlightenment. I learned that my family is always with me- even when they've passed on. I learned that family is who you love and care about and worry about, even if you're not related by blood. I learned that life is for the living, that you can't stay bogged down by regret, that you can forgive, that you can be grateful, that you can be selfish, that you can give in sometimes, that you don't always have to have your guard up, that things turn out the way they should.

I learned that I have a lot more learning to do and I am going to take every. little. thing. this life has to offer and live it as best I can, each moment, each day, each memory, for many years to come.

After all, this is the life.

- a