We all put blinders on for what we want to see, and what we don't. We want to see our husband as perfect, we want to see our wife as faithful, we want to see our life as wonderful, we want to see our future as bright. It may be all true or it may be that we don't want to face the reality of what's in front of us. And if we decide to put on blinders and see what we want to see instead of what is, it's ok. If we want to put on blinders to live our lives the best we can, it's ok. If we want to put on blinders so that we are not faced with what seems like an impossible decision, it's ok.

There are times in our lives when we have to believe that what we want to happen, will happen. He will move back home, she will fall back in love, he will become more involved, she will become less anxious. We have to believe that everything will turn out the way we want it to because we are invested in a particular outcome.

But what if we were not so invested? What if we accepted that we could put our happiness first and that things would still be ok? What if we believed that our world would not fall apart just because our future did not turn out just as we had planned? What if all of our "what if's" came true?

If we believe that all things happen for a reason, if we believe that a life worth living is worth living to its fullest- good and bad and planned and unforeseen and happy and sad and exuberant and terrifying- if it's all worth it in the end, then what if we just decided to lead with our hearts and not with our minds? If we believe, in the very core of our being, that our decision may not be popular or easy, but is it right and true, then isn't that a step worth taking? If we believe that following our heart will always lead us in the right direction, then isn't everything else just decoration?

Maybe today is the day we decide to take a leap of faith, a leap of hope, a leap toward our destiny rather than staying mired in the known and the predictable and the wrong. Maybe today is the day we embrace all that we have to offer the world and all that it has to offer us and we shirk convention and we say to the world: I am ready. Maybe today is the day we ask, "what if" and we leap into our destiny.

This is the life.

- a