I was thinking the other day how interesting it is that lemon juice helps keeps avocados and apples from turning brown. The acidity of the lemon, the bitter and tart taste of the juice, helps keep these milder fruits from spoiling. Isn't that an almost too-perfect description for life? What is it about the tartness that makes the mildness of our lives seem so appealing? Without the bitter, the sweetness is not so poignant. Without the unpleasant, face-pinching, tear-producing moments of our lives we would not appreciate the lovely, heart-warming, joy-inducing opportunities quite so well.

It's when we appreciate the fullness of life, when we devour all that it has to offer us and all that we are faced with and all the muck that we must walk through to get to the sandy beaches on the other side, that we enjoy the entirety of our lives. Skipping happily through the meadows is fine on a spring day, but is it the way we want to live every moment of our lives? Don't we want to challenge ourselves and throw ourselves into the fire and test our limits and test our patience and test our will? Isn't it in those moments of triumph over something so difficult you thought you would never make it, that the true beauty of our souls and our lives shines brightly? Isn't it the mixing of the sweet and bitter and salty and sugary that we get the most out of each day? Isn't it in the adversity that we can rise above and make it through and come out triumphant and celebrate the true essence of ourselves? And isn't that just exactly what it's all about?

This is the life.
- a