I'm worried. Today I'm worried about work, about my daughters, about my finances, about the future, about the future of my finances, about my daughters' futures, about a deposition I have coming up in a couple of weeks- suffice it to say, this is a stressful morning for me.

And yet, really, this morning everything is exactly how it was yesterday. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I had a wonderful time with my daughters at brunch, at home, on a walk around the neighborhood. Yesterday I had the day to myself to just enjoy the moment, to read outside, to sit in the sun. Yesterday was just plain great, easy, lovely.

So why did I wake up worried this morning? Why did I wake up concerned about future events when I was not so concerned yesterday? Dr. Wayne Dyer says "you can choose to either think light or think dark"; meaning, I believe, that you have the choice each day to determine your energy- the energy you give out, the energy you take in. You can choose to be lighter, think lighter, be brighter; or you can choose to be darker, think somber thoughts, be more weighted down.

So why today did I wake up drawing on this darker energy? Does that mean I'm darker all day long? Maybe not. Maybe realizing that I'm thinking dark thoughts, drawing in dark energy, will help me turn my thoughts around. Maybe in order to make my day and my thoughts lighter for today, I need to concentrate a little more on what my thoughts are. When you're having a great, light day, it's easy to feel good- not so much when you wake up in darkness.

That's why right here, right now, I'm going to try harder. It's going to take some effort but today I'm going to fall back on what has worked for me in the past. When I'm worried or stressed, with each step I take I just think "thank you." I walk to my car "thank you thank you thank you." I walk to my office "thank you thank you thank you." I'm not going to spend time listing what I'm grateful for, I'm just going to say those two words over and over again. It helps. Little by little, step by step, it helps. And today, it's all of those little steps that are going to help me find the light.

After all, this is the life.
- a