It's my turn to be brave

There are times in our lives when we need to stand up, look in the mirror, take stock of where our life is, take stock of where our heart is, and be brave enough to move forward. It's not easy. The easier path is just to sit back and wait. The easier path is to stand, immobile, letting life happen to us. The easier path is to wander aimlessly, bemoan our fate, curse at our bad fortune and act as a spectator to our own life. It's harder to be brave; but it's worth it.

We should be brave enough to take charge of our life, to accept what we are faced with and move forward despite it all. In times of uncertainty, when I need to be brave but am not sure I can, I imagine that on my shoulder I have a super-woman ready to take on the world, ready to face the day, ready to seize what life has to bring and go forging ahead. When I'm feeling unsure or lonely or scared, I look to the superhero on my shoulder and I know that I have the internal fortitude to face whatever demons get in my way. I know that having my very own superhero means that I am not alone, that I will make it through, that I have faced challenges in the past and I have faced adversity and I have come out the other side better and stronger and more sure of myself. The more challenges I face the more I am ready to tackle the next. The more I strike out in search of love and success and happiness, the stronger I grow.

The truth is that each of us has our own internal superhero. Each of us has struggled and each of us may have battle scars to prove it, but each of us has survived. We have triumphed over whatever came in our path and we have learned and we have moved on and we have made it to another day- forever changed but not cynical.

We all have our own superheroes inside of us, on our shoulders- for when we think we are not strong enough, when we think we cannot bear anymore- to show us that we can dig deeper, we can be stronger, we can face our life and we can take all that it has to offer . We can bask in the glory when we triumph- the wind in our cape and the sun on our face and our shoulders thrown back. We are our own superheroes for all we have been through and all we have experienced and all the good we have done for ourselves and for others. We are our own superheroes because we are here to face another day and tackle it all and revel in it all. We are our own superheroes because we can be and because we should be and because we will be.

After all, this is the life.
- a