Let it go

In The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz says, "Whatever life takes away from you, let it go." It seems, upon first reading, that he is telling us to give up. To let life take away whatever it will and to move on. I think that when you accept what life has taken from you, you open up space for life to give back to you something else.

We can't hold on to all of our past resentments, nor can we hold on to our past accomplishments. Life is about moving forward. No matter how much you want to stay in the present moment, the future is coming. Each day, each moment, is not the same. Things are constantly moving. This moment is not the same as the last. I always find such peace being around moving water- the ocean or a river. Because seeing the water moving and flowing reminds me that things are ever-changing, ever-flowing. And noticing that movement, and embracing that movement and not fighting to make everything stay exactly as it is- is half the battle.

When we realize that we can't stop the future from coming and that we can't stay mired in the past- our hearts are open. We realize that in moving things out and away from us, we allow space and opportunity to come in. Nature abhors a vacuum. Letting go will not leave you empty. Letting go will allow you to move into peace. Letting go will not make you hollow. Letting go will allow you to fill yourself up with new feelings and new relationships and new experiences.

When we release what we hold on to so dearly and so passionately- without reason and without being conscious that we are even holding on- we allow freedom to come rushing in. We are free to begin anew and we are free to encounter new friendships and we are free to rejoice in new love and we are free to understand and uncover what it is we don't even know yet about ourselves. When we let go we honor ourselves and our past and the future yet to come. When we let go we can more truly move into who we are becoming.

This is the life.

- a