Time for me to fly

I've decided today to try to let go of the past- to let go of resentment, to let go of trying to right past wrongs. It's hard to do but staying mired in the past gets us nowhere but stuck. Even though some things will never change and some things will never be made right and some hurt just can't be repaired, even though all of this may be true, it doesn't do us any good to fixate on it.

Thinking about our past has us constantly looking backward at what was and where we were. Looking at the past doesn't allow us to look at what is happening now and what we want to happen in the future. One of the best ways to get over past wrongs is to look to the future to see how we want our lives to look and then look in our present to see how we can get there from here. The pain of the past is lifted when we turn our eyes upward and outward and forward. The hurt that we feel in our heart and our soul is warmed by the feelings of what is yet to come, all the good we have waiting for us, all that we can see down the road.

Acknowledging the past for what it was, for bringing us to this place, for making us who we are, allows us to see ourselves firmly planted in the present, at what is, at what our lives have become. When we look to the future at what's possible, when we look to our present and see the opportunities we have, we are filled with hope and not dread, we are filled with contentment and not anger, we are filled with life and love and joy and not pain. We should let go of the past, as best we can today, by filling our hearts with the possibility that the future holds. We should shout from the rooftops that today we will fly, today we will soar, today we will take a look and take a leap and take a hold of our own peace.

After all, this is the life.
- a