I always feel like I have to be doing something. I need to get on my way, get up and get moving, get the lead out. That voice inside my head that says I'm not taking full advantage of the day, that I'm not making the most of what I have. That voice that can be motivating but is often just a reminder that we are not enough. Maybe instead we should appreciate that we are doing the best we can for where we are now. It may not be perfect, but who says perfect is what we should be anyway? It's the imperfection in us all that gives us character, makes us quirky and interesting and lovely just for being who we are. It's the quest for perfection that reminds us that we are not measuring up, so I think maybe it's time find a new quest.

Maybe it's time we tell ourselves that we are ok just the way we are. Right now. Right here. Maybe we should be calm and be observant. Maybe we should relax our need to do and we should instead just stay. Stay here. Stay quiet. Feel the movement of the Earth. You don't have to do anything. You can just sit. Soon enough you will want to move. You will want to get up and get going. Somewhere. Anywhere. Nowhere. But for now, you can just be. Have the Earth move for you. You don't need to move mountains or molehills. You don't have to lift a finger or make a choice. You can just stay where you are. You can think about where you want to go or don't want to go, who to be with or who to avoid. You can decide you don't know what to do next and let the world unfold before you. You can decide to decide another day and another time.

You can wait. You don't have to go anywhere. You can be silent and still and sit with yourself and your thoughts. You can see what happens in this moment, or that. You can live to fight another day. You can sleep. It doesn't have to all get done right. this. minute. It will all still be there tomorrow. So for today, take a rest, take it easy, take some time and take a breath. For today decide that what you have is enough, that you don't need any more. For today you can be who you are. And realize that that is enough. And perfect.

After all, this is the life.
- a