The space between

"The space between the tears we cry is the laughter keeps us coming back for more." Dave Matthews. I heard this lyric the other day and it reminded me of a yoga teacher I once had who had us concentrate, not on the poses, but on the space between the poses. The transition. The moving from one to another. She said the energy was not in getting the poses right but in getting to the poses right.

This theory, this advice, is singing with me right now; as a reminder that it is not the ultimate results that yield happiness, but the getting to those results. It's the space between each tragedy and triumph where our life is really lived. Those moments of glory or pain are usually quite immediate and fleeting. Thankfully really. Because to live in constant states of elation or depression would be exhausting, would not allow us time to reflect, would not allow us time to grow.

My rabbi when I was growing up once told me that if we remember these four words "this too shall pass" we can get through any difficulty, and we can be grounded when marvelous events happen to us. The difficulty will pass- we will not always be sad, we will not always cry, we will not always find it difficult to breathe. The wondrous moments of our lives will also pass- we should not always been in a state of euphoria, we should not always live our lives only for the best results, we should be mindful that wonderful things happen but they do not happen constantly. It's the reminder that we can make it through, that good times will happen but bad times will as well, and all times will pass and we will continue to live our lives.

It's the time between the good and the bad, the appreciation for the calm, the not needing anything to happen or not happen at any one moment that gives us the greatest lessons. It's the understanding that right now, just as it is, all is well. It's the space between the events of our lives, it's the transition from one moment to the next where we should focus our energy. So we should sit with that, and be mindful, and be wondrous of the silence. We should understand that the walk of our lives is not just from one thing to another but the walk itself.

After all, this is the life.
- a