Watching and waiting

There is something to be said for accepting the realization that if something is meant to be, there is nothing you can do to mess it up; and if something is not meant to be, there is nothing you can do to make it so. Those of us searching for love want to it to be. here. now. We want to find the one, we want it to be easy, we want to be done with our search.

And yet, we should live our lives as well as we can today, whether or not today includes us finding our "true" love, because wanting something to hurry up and get here and seeking and searching in every bar and on every website may not make it happen any sooner than it will. It will happen when it happens. And when it does, we can wonder if we should call or not, or text or not, or return a call today or tomorrow, but whatever we do and whatever we choose will not cause love to happen or not. The person we are falling in love with will make it happen or not, whether our actions were "right" or not.

Some of us think we have to change who we are when we meet someone new, but isn't the beauty in meeting someone, finding out who they are and not who they think you want them to be? Don't we want people to be authentic and honest so that we can be the same? Don't we want people to show their true colors so we know what we're getting into, whether it's a good match, whether it has potential? When I think that someone is trying to be who they are not, it's not honest and that pervades everything else. If we can't be who we are with that person, then maybe that's not the person for us.

Maybe if we could just relax and realize that if this is supposed to work out, it will. Maybe if we understand that we shouldn't have to push ourselves or sell ourselves as something more or less than who we are, maybe then we can release that sense of needing to force something to happen. The truth is, it will happen or not, it is meant to be or not, it is true or not. And nothing you do or don't do needs to change, and you don't need to be different. You are perfectly you exactly as you are... and that's enough, and that's beautiful and that is what someone else, who is worthy, will see. And appreciate. And love.

After all, this is the life.