Being missed

"I miss you." Sometimes it's nice hearing those words. To know that someone thinks of you, or is reminded of you, and feels a pang for you. It means you have touched someone. It means they consider you a part of their lives that, when not around, makes them feel something, think something, want something. Sometimes it's nice to be missed.

Traveling makes me think of the people I'm leaving behind, if only for a short while, and the people I'm going to see. The anticipation of reconnecting with friends from long-ago is bittersweet: I think with a thrill of times that have passed and it makes me both sad that those times are gone and excited to re-establish that connection as we are today, as we have grown, as we have experienced life without each other in it. That's the thing about friendship: you can leave it alone and come back to it years later and it will be there for you- the same and yet also different. Because through the passage of time, through the events that have occurred in our lives without the other person's involvement, we are no longer as we were those years ago; but our affection for each other remains, unchanged.

I look forward to seeing my friends. I look forward to seeing them as they are today, to remember the times we had, to establish new memories today. I look at my friends with such fondness for experiencing my life with me those years ago and for staying in my mind and in my heart all these years; for not holding against me that we haven't stayed in touch as much as we could have, that we haven't keep abreast of each other's lives weekly or even monthly. I think that while we may look different and time may have changed us for the better and the worse, our hearts remember what we meant to each other at one time. That light that shone upon us years ago, when we lived in the same place and had the same friends and took delight in the same activities, that light may have split in two, but the remnants of that light still remain.

So I look forward to seeing my friends whom I have missed. Because I have missed them. I miss what we meant to each other at one time, I miss the feeling of connectedness we once shared. But I know that time and space bringing us together will shine that light upon us once again. And I will smile and sigh with contentedness, because missing someone means they meant something to you at one time, and that they still do.

This is the life.
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  1. So true....and also, when I get together with girl friends I've known since grade school or high school, they always still look the same to a slighty older way. But none of us look as OLD as we really are! :D


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