Believe in magic

My oldest daughter believes in magic. She believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. She believes in leprechauns and Harry Potter. She believes she may get a pony for Hanukkah or Christmas just because she wants one sooooo badly. It's one of things I love most about her- her ability to believe, and it got me thinking that maybe we would all be a little better off believing in magic.

My friend Kelli and I were talking about this and she wondered aloud "Wouldn't life be just a little easier if we believed in magic ourselves?" I think she's right. Changing our perspective and changing our decisions and changing our thought patterns are difficult and daunting tasks to conquer, but maybe it wouldn't be so hard if we believed just a little more. My dad used to say "Hope for the best but plan for the worst." I used to think that was good advice- now I'm not so sure. I think that many adults, myself included, tend to focus on the "worst" part of that advice and our hope for the best gets buried. So maybe that's where the magic comes in. Maybe, if we believed that good things are coming and good things can happen and good things are waiting for us just around the corner; maybe if we believed more in the best of people and in the best of intentions, maybe if we believed more in magic- we could believe more in ourselves.

So my goal for today is to believe. It may not work all day, it may only work for 5 minutes, but regardless of how long it may last, today I believe. Today I believe that magic happens and that the Universe is conspiring in my favor. Today I believe that I can make good choices and that I will not be ruled by impatience. Today I believe that happiness can happen and love can happen and good fortune can happen. Today I believe in the best of myself.

And when I begin to doubt and when I begin to bemoan and when I begin to wonder aloud if this is all there is, I will try and stop. I will think of my daughter and her wonder at the world. I will think of Santa and fairies and the children who believe. I will think of children who hope and children who dream and children who wonder aloud not if their dreams will come true but when. I will remember that I once believed in magic too and I will embrace those beliefs again, just as my daughter does.

After all, this is the life.