And so it goes

In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along
~ Billy Joel

This is for all of us who have ever had a broken heart. Who have loved and lost and still moved forward. For those who are healing and those who are hoping, for those who have cried and who have despaired, who have cast their eyes down so far and finally, steadily, opened them again and looked up just a bit. Because inside each of us we hold a place for ourselves to heal. We can move inside and we can hold so dear to this place that is just for us, for our souls to heal. We will emerge, different and yet, fundamentally the same. We can find ourselves again. We can learn despite of and because of the pain. We can make it through.

I have friends who are cocooned inside, who have had a broken heart. But just as we have let ourselves be broken from loving too much or too long, we will venture out again. Because to love once means you can again, when you are ready. It may not happen just as you pictured it. It may be inconvenient or out of character, it may be someone you have known forever or someone you have met by chance, but I know, for all of us, that love remains, somewhere.

So just remember as your broken heart is healing that you will recover, but will forever be changed. In a good way, in a different way, in ways you cannot imagine or cannot foresee. Love will come to us- in the hug of a child or the embrace of a friend, in the love of a faithful dog or the internal fortitude we will tap into. We have loved before and we will again. We will emerge from our solitude and we will step into our future. And we will be happy, just as we are today, if even for the smallest gift. We can be grateful today for lessons learned and we can be grateful today to have loved at all and we can be grateful today for all we cannot see. Because moving forward means both embracing and letting go of the past.

After all, this is the life.