Close your eyes and hope

There are days when I wake up and I expect everything to be different. I expect something magical to happen today. I expect this to be "the day" that changes my life. I expect something other than what I have before me. But I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

I know that I need to accept what I have in my life, to be ok with what "is" and not always wonder about what "may be"; but isn't it the "maybe" in our lives that keeps us going? Isn't it the possibility of change that keeps us moving forward? Isn't it the hope for something better or different or new that propels us into a new day and into new adventures?

The idea of "accepting what is" is a constant theme for many philosophers and gurus and wise men and women, and I'm not saying I disagree. I think in many ways bemoaning what we have is the wrong way to go about things. Wondering "why me?" doesn't get us anywhere; but wondering "what if" is something completely different.

When we look at our lives and we appreciate what we have, when we live in gratitude for what is here, we are starting from the right place. When we live in angst or anger or sadness - our spirit is dragged down. When we live that way we live in madness. We live in a reality of doom and black clouds and cold winds. When we live in fear and in doubt and in discontent we are not coming from a space of appreciation and acceptance; we are instead running away, blindly, without direction, without light.

But when we think "what if" and we ponder the possibilities in our lives, we wonder at what could be around the corner, we marvel at the sheer number of good things that could be heading our way. When we come from this feeling of child-like glee at what our future may hold, our head is held high, our shoulders are thrown back, we walk and skip and jump into the future with lightness of foot and spirit.

So my wish for you all today is not to bemoan what you have or have not, but to instead let your mind drift to what may be; to think of what you want and what could happen and what could be coming toward you without you even knowing it. My wish for you is to take this day and to cast your eyes up and out and toward what lies in store; because for all of us, good things are coming, and for all of us, our dreams can come true, and for all of us we may not know what lies ahead, but we can cross our fingers and close our eyes, and hope.

After all, this is the life.


  1. Hi Allison! What a beautiful post! I try to always stay optimistic about my life. I have great dreams and goals and I'm working toward them, too. Even though some days it IS hard to do, I'm following my bliss!

  2. Becky,
    I love hearing that people are "following their bliss"! It makes the day so much easier when you know you are on your way... somewhere....


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