Choose to participate

We can live our lives two ways: we can let it sail by before our eyes or we can participate fully. We can choose to be immersed, we can choose to be involved, we can choose to get messy and get happy and get uncomfortable and get washed over with emotions- good and bad- in an effort not to let our lives pass by. We can choose to live our life. We can choose to experience it all. We can choose to live our lives and not have our lives live us.

Because when we stand back and just watch our lives unfold before our eyes- detached, aloof- we don't have to take responsibility but we also don't get to take credit. We can't remain outside ourselves and let life happen to us, we need to jump in and get right smack in the middle of things. It's easier to step aside. It's more comfortable to take a passive stance. It's the road more travelled to simply ride along as events unfold. But it's not really living. And then it's not really our own life.

To take control and jump right in we will make mistakes. But they will be our mistakes and we will learn from them. When we step into our lives and take ownership of what we have done and what we can do, we get to experience both the good and the bad. But really, it's not all bad, because it all leads somewhere and it all teaches us something. So when you have a choice to continue down the road of least resistance, or you have a choice to change direction and really truly participate in your life and look for happiness, choose happiness. Choose participation. Choose to let the chips fall where they may and choose to clean up the mess, but choose you. Choose your life. Choose the road less travelled for some, but should-be-travelled for you. Because looking for your passion is never a wrong turn. Looking for your inner light is never a bad decision. Looking for yourself in the world can only lead you right back to you. The real you. The authentic you. Fully involved. Fully engaged. Fully appreciative of what lays before you. Fully intent on finding your truth. Fully immersed in looking for your happiness. And more happiness and more intention is never wrong. Choose you.

This is the life.


  1. Allison, life is certainly about choices and your posts are always thought-provoking.


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