Be here, now

There's a book written by Ram Dass called "Be here now"; that phrase is often used by gurus and yogis and spiritual/emotional advisers as well. Be. Here. Now. It reminds us to be focused on the present, on where we are and who we are and what we're doing and thinking right at this moment. It is a saying that can keep us grounded and tethered to what we know and what we feel instead of focusing on what may be or what has been in the past. It's a simple phrase without a simple path.

For me it's never as easy as "be here now". As a planner and do-er and mover, most of the time I am anywhere but here now. I am reliving the past. I am thinking about the future. I am wondering what things mean and how things will play out; if I made the right decisions yesterday and last week and last year, if my plans for tomorrow will come to fruition, if the future holds surprises, if next year looks anything like I imagine it to be. I fret and I ponder and I analyze: what does it all mean? How will it turn out? Will I be ok?

And the answer is really easy: it will turn out how it turns out and I will be ok no matter what. Because I am a survivor and I am stronger than I imagine and I am more flexible and adaptable than I give myself credit for. I can handle whatever comes my way. I can do my best to embrace the good things that come into my life. I can withstand barriers and difficulties.

I have stood my ground and given in when needed and I have tried my very best to do what's right. I have tried not to be wary and wonder when the other shoe might drop although I seem to cast my eyes upward more often than not. And though I have not always succeeded, I continue to try to look for the best in myself and in others and in my life. My path has twisted and changed and I have relished the sunlight and the spotlight and have had the rain and snow and hail pour down. I have been made who I am today by my past and I will continue to change with each passing day.

But for today and for this moment I will try not to think of all of that. I will try to be still. And be present. And be mindful. Today I will try to be here now and revel in what I have and what is before me, without looking too far into the future or casting my eyes too far in the past. Today I will try once again to look at what is happening now and be grateful for it all. Today I will try to settle my mind and settle my breath and just be.... if even, just for a moment.

After all, this is the life.


  1. Thank you for this refreshing reminder to slow down and just BE, not DO. I needed that.

  2. Hello Allison. I think it's so important to remain in the NOW. After all, it really is all we have at any given moment. Susan


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