On the same page

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and realized that while I thought she and I were talking about the same person, we were not. We were having a conversation about two different people and we didn't even know it. We both laughed when we realized what was happening, but it got me thinking about how often we may think we're on the same page as someone, and in reality, we are not.

It's like when you begin dating and you have all of these great emotions and feelings and nervousness and excitement, and you look at everything through new eyes, with new hope. And you think to yourself, "He likes blue and I like blue so it must be kismet" or "I wanted to try this new place and he mentioned it first so we must be perfect for each other". Could be true. Could be that you are perfect for each other. Or it could just be that everyone and their mother was talking about the new restaurant and really, who doesn't like blue and oh, by the way, you are in the throes of the beginning of a new relationship and it's supposed to feel amazing and you're supposed to be looking through rose-colored glasses and you're supposed to be hopeful and helpful and delightful and full of all kinds of things. But just remember to take one step at a time and don't rush so fast to get to the end.

Because the beginning of a relationship is like the first lick of a green, drippy, mint chocoloate chip ice cream cone on a hot, sticky day- refreshing and delicious and exactly what you want it to be. There is room to dream about what could be and what may be and you're not bogged down in the reality of daily life just yet. You are getting to know each other and find out just what shade of blue is your favorite and how he likes his steak cooked and if he is kind to the wait staff and if you laugh at the same things and what your past life experiences have been and what, exactly, led you to this moment, right now.

And if you rush to be a "couple" and if you rush to get to the end of the honeymoon period and if you rush into something without looking where you're going, you'll get lost. So instead of rushing to think about the future, think about right now. Learn about each other and from each other. Learn what makes the other person tick. Learn their accomplishments and their mistakes. Learn their future dreams and their past delights. Learn who they are, really, and then take a step.

Don't assume you know where you're going or where you'll end up, just enjoy the company of someone along for the ride with you today. Don't rush to the future so quickly. Don't rush to judgment so quickly. Don't rush to label or plan or count your chickens. Because today is a day to be savored and reveled in. Don't sacrifice today for what you hope the future will hold.

After all, this is the life.


  1. Good post, Allison. It's so true that today is all we have so we have to live in the present...the now. So important but often hard to do. Take care. Susan


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