We are the dreamers of dreams

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." ~ Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy (And my favorite, Willy Wonka. God bless Gene Wilder.)

Here's the reason I love this quote: because it reminds us that hope is in our hands. It reminds us that we can have a difficult day and a difficult year and that when all else seems lost, you can turn to yourself, and your dreams, and your pie-in-the-sky ideas. You can dream all you want and your imagination can take you where you want to be... someday.

It reminds us that we are the ones to make our own music and we are the ones to set out our dreams- it's not someone else's responsibility to set those goals for you; it's not someone else's job to make them come true; it's up to you, to make a decision and make a wish. Because our dreams are us setting our mind and thinking up our own destiny. Fate may step in (as it often does) to help guide you in one direction or another, but it is up to us to feel the wind in our face, to decide which direction we step into next. It is up to us to take Fate by the hand and walk as a partner with Her toward whatever it is we seek in the future.

I believe in Fate but I also believe in each of us. I believe we set the course for our lives and we walk down a path that is then laid before us. I believe we can change at any minute of any day on that path. We make the choice each day to continue walking or to turn in another direction, but we choose. We choose how to feel in this moment. We choose how and when to take our next step. We choose to breathe shallowly or deeply, inhaling and exhaling our worries into the mist. We choose how we will take on this day.

And we choose our music- the tune by which we live today. We choose our happiness- to focus on what's here or to think about what's missing. We choose what to be grateful for and what to let go. We are the music makers of the soundtrack of our life to decide what to listen to and what to skip; to determine a beat and a melody that suits us today. We are the ones who have today to do with as we please... until tomorrow when the next track begins anew. So continue on your road or change your mind; do as you please, set your intention and begin to move; wherever your dreams make take you, whatever dreams you can imagine, with whatever soundtrack is playing in the background. The music is yours, as are the dreams.
This is the life.