What a difference a day makes

There are those days that change our lives forever, some we see coming and some take us by surprise. We can plan for the birth of a child, for a graduation, for a marriage. We see these events on the horizon and we can take steps to determine what we will do after the event, where we will live, what room to decorate, what apartment to rent. And then there are those other events that take us by surprise: some not-so-good surprises, a death or divorce; some wonderful surprises, a new job, a new love. And these events, as much as we plan or we don't, are often marked by one day in particular, one day that changes the direction of your life, one day that catapults you somewhere you couldn't even imagine going, one day that takes you on a journey you couldn't even see coming.

I had one of those days this week but it started with a breakfast. I met with another attorney whom I admire tremendously. I had worked with her before and hoped, somewhere in the back of my mind, that someday I might work with her. We are very similar in many ways: we are both full-steam-ahead and compassionate and gracious and ambitious and too-much and can't-get-enough and a whole bunch of good and crazy energy all wrapped up together. And this breakfast connection turned into a meeting with a new firm and then Tuesday afternoon happened and I saw a new path come clear before me. I was going to change law firms. I was going to work with this woman whom I admire. I was going to have opportunities and choices and chances I had only dreamed about. It was all coming true and I was standing at the crossroads.

Tuesday afternoon was a blur for me but one thing I felt very sure of: this was a chance that I had hoped for and an opportunity I had dreamed about. I had always known where I wanted to take my career and I didn't know how to get there. I tried and I pushed and I gave it my all and I certainly made some headway, but I asked the Universe for help... to get me where I wanted to go, to illuminate where I should be. And it came to me this week and on Tuesday the path shone brightly. After 10 years and wonderful experiences and memories, the path of my career was as bright as if there were lights under the sidewalk. A new law firm. A new position. A new mentor and new hope. For a future that I have wanted for myself and my children. For a chance to shine brightly and forge ahead in my dreams. What a difference a day makes to change the course of your life forever, and take you where you've always wanted to be.

This is the life.

My new firm: pcblawfirm.com.



  1. I love every new post you write. I am so inspired and moved by your words, your thoughts and your honesty. Thank you for sharing and putting your life out there. You really touch me.


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