Barak Obama once said, "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." This thought that "we are the change that we seek" speaks to our self-reliance, our resilience, our can-do attitude. It's a sentiment that often spurs us to action when we are motivated and excited and enthralled with a new project. This self-motivation, however, can be hard to find at different times in our lives. And at those times when we feel lost, like we are wandering without direction and without propulsion, we often blame others for our feelings and our lethargy.

We blame our situation or our spouse or the economy or the day of the week. We blame our circumstances and how we were wronged in the past and how we got a raw deal way back when. We look outside of ourselves and outside of our thoughts and outside of our lives for something to hold on to, when really, if we think about it, our anchor should be inside of us, untouchable by others.

If we truly think about what we have to help us get through difficult times, we can look to others for comfort and for consolation but the most steadfast and honest place to look is to someone who never leaves us. When we look to ourselves for assurance and quiet we can always be fulfilled. Because we're not going anywhere and we're never alone.

Those of us who have lived alone for any period of time often begin talking out loud to the house as we move through our day. "Where are those keys?" I have wondered aloud. "What should I make for dinner?" "What is my plan for tomorrow?" "Why didn't I think to pick up milk yesterday?" It must look funny, to someone looking in from the outside, but inside it feels less lonely. To talk to yourself or your dog or your guinea pig or the tv, allows you to express what it is you're thinking to the Universe, to the silence, to no one at all. The sound of our voice, though, reminds us that we are here, that we are present, that we are not lost.

And really, knowing that we have ourselves and knowing that we have our voice and knowing that we can be the change and embrace where we are, is all we need to do today. Because we never know what's around the next corner and we only have ourselves to take on the journey.

After all this is the life.