Life's big moments

"My whole life has been about this moment." I saw that in a movie (Point Break, fyi) and I thought about how, for all our us, our lives are often defined by specific moments. The first day of a new job, the day you decide to ask for a divorce, the day you decide to allow yourself to fall in love. These moments, these occasions, these decisions that shape us and shape our futures and shape the way we look at our lives; these moments that we hope for or dread, come to us without notice many times- they just happen and we make the choice of where to go from here.

Often we think that we are a victim of circumstance and we feel as if we are a small boat being thrown in very turbulent seas, but we need to take those thoughts and ground ourselves. Because even when things seem most topsy-turvy in our lives, there are always decisions we can make. We always have the decision about to act or react, we always have the decision to save our energy or come out swinging, we always have the decision to take the higher ground or get down in the mud. And none of these decisions are wrong or right, but they are all within our control.

Sometimes we can plan ahead and sometimes we just have to hold on tight and wait to see how it all plays out, but one thing we can be sure of is ourselves. We can have faith that as our lives unfold before us, all we can do is live it the best we can. We can take these moments and we can decide to change; we can decide to embrace the twists in the plot line, we can decide to ride the wave all the way up onto the beach. We can hold on to what we know and where we have been and we can take it all in and go as far and as fast as the wind and our legs can take us. We can take these opportunities and these possibilities and we can throw ourselves head first and relish the exhilaration and what we cannot see before us.

Because these moments, these life-changing moments, are both what we want and what we dread, but life cannot and will not stay steady and we cannot stay anchored in the past. We can take these decisions and we can jump in with both feet. We can claim our lives again for our own and we can be strong. The decisions that we make or those that are made for us, are the times for us to show, through the depths of our souls, who it is we are today, and who we can become tomorrow.

This is the life.


  1. And again it's like you are connected to my life in some weird way and touch on a topic I need to hear right at the moment I read it. I look forward to each and every posting and marvel at your thoughts and your ability to express what so many of us are thinking, feeling, grappling with in such an eloquent and honest way. Thank you!


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