Doing nothing

There are days when we just feel like doing nothing. We wake up and we just want to putter around the house. We organize here and there, we move things from one place to another, we lounge and we ponder. We sit and we think. We sleep and we reflect. We do nothing. Or so it seems.

I have a theory that sometimes doing nothing is more productive than you might think. Puttering around the house, organizing and moving things from "where they don't belong" to "the area where they live" helps us clear the clutter and put things in their place. Sitting and thinking allows our mind to wander, to consider options we hadn't thought of before, to allow new thoughts and ideas and considerations to make their way in. Looking at nothing and thinking of nothing allows our minds to settle down and our spirit to soften. We open up, we release, we become more spacious and more forgiving. We decide to try again, at some point, but not today.

When we do nothing we aren't really doing nothing. We are preparing and contemplating, we are gathering up courage and harnessing our strength. We are using time that we have been given to our advantage. And though it may seem like we are lazing about, do not be fooled, because when the right option comes along, we will get up and we will get moving. Stronger and more capable and more rested for the time we took, for ourselves and for our spirit.

This is the life.


  1. Rest is restorative, and we all need down time. Good post, Allison.


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