Sometimes it feels like we are adrift. We are alone at sea, on a raft made of logs bound together and we are floating along searching for land. There is nothing really wrong, there is nothing to be fearful of, there is nothing really except our desire to find shore and the lack of shore to be seen. It's those times when we can feel most lost. It's those times when we can feel most disconnected. It's those times that make us stop and think about where it is we really want to go.

When we are simply reactive to our life, when things happen and all we can do is move along because of the direction the Fates have cast us in, we feel scared but we also feel some energy. We feel that we are moving somewhere, that the winds are showing us some direction, that the seas are taking us toward one thing or another. But when the seas are calm and we are just adrift, it is up to us to determine the direction we want to move in and it is up to us to row ourselves there.

It can seem daunting: setting a direction and then starting to move; but the one certainty we have is that we are doing something. We are not at the beck and call of someone or something, we are the masters of our own ship and our fate is in our own hands. In those times, when the shore seems far away, when we cannot even see where it is that we are going, the best we can do is to set a course in our mind and take steps each day to get there. Because knowing the land is out there and believing we will get there, is sometimes just the motivation we need to continue moving in that direction. So when we are adrift we need to take hold of ourselves, we need to plot a course and take action, not all at once but one step at a time. Until someday the shore will appear on the horizon, and we will know that our effort and our drive and our will, lead us to exactly where we wanted to be.  

This is the life.


  1. Allison, I do hope you are compiling a self-help book. Your words of wisdom should be handed to every client filing for divorce.


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