"Next time I'll be braver, I'll be my own savior standing on my own two feet." ~ Adele

There are times in our lives where we just want someone to come in and fix things. We want to abdicate responsibility, we want someone else to choose, we want someone else to decide, we want someone else to help us live our lives. And while those times may be difficult, and while we may feel aimless and spirit-less and out-of-energy, it really isn't up to anyone else to ride in on a white horse and fix us. It really isn't up to anyone else to be our knight, to come to our rescue, to sweep us up and take us into the sunset. Sometimes we need to be our own savior. Sometimes we need to stand alone, and stand up, and stand and fight, or stand our ground. Sometimes we have to stand to realize that we are enough and we don't need to be saved.

Saying those words is often easier said than done. When even moving through your day is difficult, when even living your daily routine takes effort, when even things that used to come easily become a chore, thinking about standing up for yourself seems to take more energy than you have. But here's the thing: standing up for yourself will re-energize you. Standing up for yourself will provide you with gumption and gusto you did not even know you had in you. Standing up for yourself is a reward unto itself because it allows you to use your energy in the best way possible- to yourself and for yourself and by yourself.

When we save ourselves we understand on a deep level that we are ok on our own. We can be our own savior, we can come to our own rescue, we can be our own best advocate and stand up in the face of adversity. We can arm ourselves with the best of ourselves and we can move forward and strike out in our own best interest. If we can summon the energy to hold ourselves up, we will be rewarded with more energy down the road. Because this life is for us to live, and this fight is for us to claim, and this quest that we are on is for us to challenge ourselves, to come out stronger and more powerful for having walked the path ourselves and having only ourselves to thank.  

After all, this is the life.