Fresh start

There is a phenomenon that I have heard about (and participated in myself) called "the break-up haircut". It's a time when you go to your stylist after a break up and you tell them you want something new, you want a new look, you want a new start. You want to get rid of the old energy and replace it with new. You are looking for optimism, you are looking for hope. Your are looking to shed all that didn't work and replace it with something new and something fabulous.

I feel the same way about my house: I am ready for something new. For years I didn't want to change too much after the divorce  because I didn't want to upset my children. I didn't want everything they knew to change all at once, so I only made a few subtle changes: a new couch, a new chair, a new table or new picture. I kept the status quo so they would feel secure, but in the end, I wound up feeling trapped myself.

So I am now embarking on a new venture in my house with new paint and some new fixtures. I'm not moving and I'm not tearing anything down, but I am replacing what once was with what will be. I am choosing what I like and what soothes me. I am painting blue and bringing in pictures, I am replacing a table and I am moving things around. I am making my house fit me rather than trying to continue fitting myself into a place where I no longer feel at home.

I am making a new space. I am making a place for me and for my children; I am creating our new home. I am choosing a fresh start and I am choosing a fresh outlook. I want to walk into my home and feel like me, I want to walk into a place where I feel welcome and cherished. I want my home to be my home, not for what it was at one time, but for what it can be in the future.

This is the life.


  1. Ahhh, yes, the heavy release of the old. The lightening, the beginning of the new (you). Good things are on the horizon. I rmember feeling so relieved when I could finally pound a nail in my wall without someone complaining. Pound away, rearrange, have fun.


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