I met someone

This is the year. This is the year I believe I will utter those words to you, to my friends, to my family. "I met someone." I'm putting it out into the Universe. I believe and I have faith. But I am also determined not to utter "I met someone" for just anyone. I want that someone to be someone special.

There are times for all of us that we feel alone, that we want company, that we want a relationship. I think there are also times that because we have those feelings we latch on to the next available person who walks by. "You're with me and I'm with you." It feels good to belong. It feels good to be wanted. It feels good to be needed and to be treasured. Unless that person is not someone special. Unless that person is not the person for you.

Sometimes we latch on because we are hopeful and because we are passionate about wanting to be with someone else. Sometimes we latch on because it is convenient or easy. Sometimes we latch on too quickly and find that untangling ourselves from that situation is more difficult than we thought.

So this year I want to utter the words "I met someone" about not just anyone, but about someone true, about someone right for me. I'm willing to wait. I'm willing to be patient. I'm willing to say no to more people than I say yes to in order to make the right decision, both for me and for that person. Because finding someone is not really the battle, finding the right someone is. And it's worth the wait. And it's worth the time invested in searching. And it's worth it for us to honor ourselves and honor each other, by waiting until it's really right before jumping in.

"At last my love has come along. My lonely days are over and life is like a song." ~ Etta James.
After all, this is the life.