Each year I make various resolutions at the start of the year and then, like millions of others, after several weeks I wind up breaking a resolution, feeling bad about the break, trying again (but with a little less vigor) until, invariably, my resolutions are just a faint memory. So this year I've decided to do something different. This year I have decided not to resolve anything, except to resolve to try.

This year I will try to do my best each day as a mother, as an attorney, as a friend and as an advisor. I will try to eat well, I will try to excercise.  I will try to start my day with a good thought and a light heart. I will try to be the best I can be.

But I also know that my best each day will be varied. I know that one day I may eat well and the next, not so much. I know that some days I will be more patient with my children, and others I may be rushed and harried. I know that some days I will exercise and feel energized and others I will plod along if I get started at all.

Each day will bring new challenges and new triumphs. Each day will bring more questions and more wonder. And yet, each day, if I just ask myself to do the best that I can for that day, I am setting myself up to succeed, I am setting myself up to feel better, I am setting myself up to silence that voice of judgment. 

So this year I wish for each of us that we do our best, not for all time and not at all times, but just the best for where we are each moment. I wish for each of us that the feeling of compassion we so readily give to others, we give at least a hint back to ourselves. I wish for each of us in this new year the feeling of comfort in knowing that you may not have been perfect, but you did the best you could, and you will wake tomorrow ready to try again.

Here's to 2012. This is the life.