Some day my prince will come

Thinking about what I want this year, I want to meet someone who sees me for who I am and who I can be. I want to be with someone who sees the potential in me even if I can't see it in myself. I want to be with someone who sees my passion, who believes I can and believes I will even if I am too stuck in the present to believe myself.

I hope this time I will have someone look at me and see me completely as I am and even more than that; who sees me in the future and sees himself by my side. I want to meet someone who thanks me for what I say and what I do, and who appreciates that just as much as he appreciates the comfortable silence between us on a cold winter's night.

I want to have fun in my next relationship and I want to have love. I want to have kindness and I want to have comfort. I want to feel love and give loved and be loved. I want to give my heart and give my time and give my best to him and to us. And I believe this will happen and can happen because, as my mother used to tell me, some day my prince will come. And when that happens I will be ready and the relationship will work. When that happens I will have open arms and an open heart. When that happens the time will be right and the moment just so. But until then I will embrace today, and what to see what it is that tomorrow brings.

After all, this is the life.
- a