Breaking free

Sometimes there are people in our lives who don't want anything to change. They are afraid. They are concerned. They are frightened that what they know, no matter how bad or uncomfortable, is preferable to what they don't. At times, they hold us back as well. They keep us captured in a routine that doesn't exist, in a world that doesn't work, in a time where we felt less than ourselves. There's a tendency to stay put just to avoid rocking the boat. There's a pull to keep with their routine just to keep the peace. There's a bond that keeps us tethered with them and to them that is harder to break than we imagined.

But in order to move on and in order to grow, we have to let go and break free. So that we can live our lives and we can find new ground, we have to move away. We may want to keep the status quo just because it seems easy, but we can't do that if it doesn't lead to peace inside our souls. We may have to cause some controversy in order to find our truth and ourselves.

It's not easy, this breaking free, but it's necessary. We are called betrayers, we are called unfeeling. We are yelled at for striking out and leaving others behind. But what they cannot see is that no one is being left anywhere. When we move away and move more toward ourselves we can be more with that person on another level. When we cast aside what doesn't work, we can embrace those around us with our new-found peace.

So when there is lashing out and when there are tears just remember that the others cannot see what you can. Just remember that you are working toward something rather than away from them. Just remember that when peace finds you it can lead those around you to peace as well. So moving away from something broken can never be wrong if it leads you to where you have been searching to go.

This is the life.


  1. Unbelievable. I think you should be the Carrie Bradshaw of relationship and life advise. It is amazing....

  2. I'm telling you, this should be a weekly column and you should be getting paid for your words of wisdom.

  3. @Jennifer, thank you!! @Linda, thank you too! If you know of anyone looking for a weekly columnist, please let me know!


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