Here's to the dreamers

I believe in love. I believe that someone will find me and I will find him and together we will fall in love with each other. It won't be perfect but it will be ours. We will know each other and accept each other for who we are and who we are not. We will look at each other with honest eyes, understanding that no one is perfect, but we are perfect together. 

There will be arguments to be sure. There will be disagreements and discussions. There will be difficulties and obstacles, but through it all we will know we have each other's backs and that will carry the day. Because in the end it's not who wins, it's where you find yourself on the other side, are you standing together or moving apart? The thing about finding the "perfect" relationship is that it will be imperfect and that's the beauty of the thing. We will be right for each other, not because we are scared to show our true colors, and not because we are afraid of who the other person is; we will be right for each other because our flaws will be just as beautiful as our attributes in each other's eyes.

I don't want someone perfect, I want someone who is right for me. I know he is out there and because he is not here with me, I know it's not time yet. But I also know that the time must be coming because I believe it will happen for me, just as I know it will happen for all of my friends who are searching. I know it will happen because my friends are beautiful and kind and generous and open and someday someone will look at my friends with kind and be just as grateful to have them in their lives as I do.

So here's to us: here's to the dreamers, here's to those of us who believe in love even though we have been disappointed and disillusioned before. Here's to those of us who wish and who believe, here's to those of us who wonder and wait. Here's to us, my friends, and here's to love. Here's to knowing we will find it one day and when we do we will be all the most awestruck and appreciative for the time that it took to get it just right. 

After all, this is the life.