Hopeless romantic

I am an admitted hopeless romantic. You would think that a) being divorced myself and b) being a divorce attorney, maybe I would no longer believe in love, maybe I would no longer trust in relationships, maybe I would no longer be ready to jump in the game again. But you would be wrong. In fact, my divorce and my work as a divorce attorney affirm my belief in love. Letting go of a marriage that didn't fulfill me and helping others do the same allows me to continue to keep hope alive that romance can happen and love can be just around the corner.

I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in someone coming into my life for me and with me, to stay by my side through thick and through thin, to believe in me and to believe in us. I know there is someone for each of us who looks at us with wonder that we can be sitting with each other, that we have found each other, that we can be with each other and be in love, without saying a word.  

I am a hopeless romantic. I believe that those who find themselves out of love will do the right thing and move on. Because walking away from a relationship that isn't working takes strength of character and a willpower stronger than inertia. But it's in the walking away that you can walk toward hope and toward the rest of your life. Our life is too precious to live it wasting away and fighting for something and someone long gone and wrong for us. Our life is ours to embrace to see what's around the next corner, to see what's waiting behind Door Number 2.

I am a hopeless romantic, but more than that, I am a hopeful romantic. I know that love is alive and I know those who have found it. I know those who are fulfilled and those who wake each morning grateful. I know that there are those who have someone to lean on and someone to count on and someone to cherish and someone to hold. I know that for those of us still searching it can be easy to lose our way and easy to lose faith; but we should hold on to each other and to hope. I am a hopeful romantic and I  am hopeful for all of us that someday and some way we will walk down the road and bump into someone who will take our hand, and look in our eyes and say to us, "Ok, what's next?"

This is the life. 


  1. When I was unattached, spring was always the worst time for me. I was so alive and in bloom, but no one to share it with. I hope Mr. Right (not Always Right) waltzes you right of of your feet. Have you seen the publishing opportunities on my blog? You are a fabulous writer, and I know you have stories.

  2. You want a man that knows love, you must find love first. Then once you have found what love is, then your search for a loving man will be easy. Because he has found love, and therefore, love will aquaint you both. Love is as a bubble with only a few inside and many outside. Many outside look into, but never ask how to get in; pride I guess. Those who are in, are more than happy to allow those outside to enter. But the bliss of love is so powerful, we notice no one unless we are asked. Beware not to deceive, for love knows truth, and hates deceivers. And will destroy anyone who jepardizes its tennants.


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