I heard someone say the other day that we should teach our children to have the courage to love. I would like that courage. I would also like the courage to always be myself, to be in the moment. I would like the courage to take on that inner voice telling me I'm not thin enough or quiet enough. I would like the courage to be peaceful and be patient. I would like the courage to have faith that good things are coming. I would like the courage to believe.

Maybe being reminded to be courageous is a step in the right direction. Maybe telling someone else you adore them or you appreciate them for who they are will help silence the doubting voice inside of them. Maybe hoping for the best of those we love will spur us to encompass ourselves in that same veil of kindness.

But I think it all starts with the courage to love. To love ourselves exactly as we are. To love the moment we are in right now and love the past that has brought us here today. To love someone else, to open up, to throw away fear and leap right in. To agree to be loved, to agree to be appreciated, to agree to be adored.

The courage that you must muster to allow yourself to open, to allow yourself to be vulnerable may cause a black pit in our stomach, but that pit is caused by not wanting to be hurt. And while we may fear what would happen if we are rejected, maybe we are also afraid of what would happen if we were not. If love were to come in. If love were to drench us. If love were to be here with us now to rain down and soak in, we could never be hurt. In opening up we allow ourselves to expand and grow; in gathering our courage we can be awestruck and wonder at what happens when we take a chance.

This is the life.


  1. Loved this post,Allison. Courage. Yes. That is a good topic. The self-love is the hardest. Susan


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