I have a friend who is panicked. She doesn't know what to do in her work life, in her love life, in her own life. She's not sure if she should stay at her job or look for another, if she should try and move, if she should try and make more money or spend more time at home or spend more time trying to date or spend more time with her friends. She feels trapped and alone and yet there are possibilities and avenues for her to take- they will all just take some time. And she is impatient.

So I mentioned to my friend: if she just looks at today, at what she can do today or what she needs to wait to move on, how does she feel? Is she ok today? Does she have food in the pantry and clothes to wear and a house to sleep in? Though things may not be perfect, does she have her health and her children and her immediate necessities met?

Because if all of those things are answered yes: if her children are healthy and relatively happy (we all know how children can be), if she has her own health (imperfect as it may be on a daily basis) so that she is able to care for herself, if her family is doing just fine and her friends are as well, if her house is still her own and she has food to feed her family and she has clothes to provide them to wear today and tomorrow, then really, it's all ok. If there is no crisis then maybe it's ok to just be grateful for that today. Maybe it's ok to just be content that there is nothing crying out for attention at this moment, at this time. Maybe it's ok to just be ok and not worry about the rest until tomorrow.

While we all may want something more, and while we all may work for more, maybe for today, enough can just be enough. We never know what tomorrow will hold, we never know what opportunities may present themselves, we never know who may walk through our door and sweep us off our feet. All we can know is that for today, we did the best we could. We cared enough and we dared to hope for more, we cried a little and we prayed for all to be well in the end, we sang and we danced and we lived today for what it had to bring us. And we can wait for tomorrow until it gets here, and take each day after in its own time.

After all, this is the life.


  1. Although it is good to plan ahead, I have found that it is best to sit back and wait, because impulsivity leads to decicions that are often regrettable. One day at a time is my motto.


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