What happened to the man who found that he got everything he wanted

"Remember what happened to the man..who suddenly found out that he got everything that he ever wanted? He lived happily ever after." ~ Willy Wonka

I think one of the things about wishing and hoping and praying for what you want is that sometimes, when you get it, you're not quite sure what to do. And sometimes, it's even more than that. Sometimes, when you get what you hoped for, you panic.

It's not that you're not appreciative, and it's not that you're not happy, it's that, having gotten what you asked for, you're not quite sure what to do next. You're paralyzed. You're stuck. You don't know whether to move this way or that. You don't know if you should move at all for fear of upsetting your wished-for-apple-cart.

But the thing about being afraid is that it belies an uncertainty underneath. This fear shows you that maybe you think you don't deserve what you wished for. Maybe you think you're not good enough to win. Yet that self-doubt that creeps in is so destructive and so powerful that it can suck the joy and the giddiness out of what should be a marvelous experience.

So try, again and again, to silence that voice of self-doubt. Cast aside any thought that you are not worthy of your dreams coming true. Don't hold back your exuberance and your delight. Revel in what is before you and shine in the light that has been cast upon you. Because we are all worthy of dreams and we are all deserving of having them come true. And if all of us wished and all of us hoped and all of our dreams materialized into reality, the world would not be anxious and dark from these wishes being granted, but would instead be a place of gratitude and peace. And more joy and more appreciation, more delight and more laughter, more fun and more dancing can never be wrong. Silence those fearful thoughts with an understanding that being happy only makes the world a brighter place, and doing your part to bring to bear more happiness can never be a bad thing.

This is the life.