Keep calm

There are times in our lives when I think we want to know the answer, when we want the future to get here, when we want to see what happens next. And that waiting and that wondering can cause such a stir, such an increase in pent up energy, that we can spin ourselves and spin ourselves until we are topsy-turvy inside and crazy frenetic on the outside.

It's times like these that I have to remind myself to be calm. To stay steady. To reconnect and stay grounded. Events and people we encounter may throw us curve balls and try to throw us off our game and out of center, and it's in exactly those moments that if we just take a few minutes to re-connect with ourselves, we can be calm and be patient. 

Keeping calm and staying with our breath can lead us out of the frenetic energy and into a state of peace. Too much happens too quickly these days, and it's in the steadiness that we find ourselves again. I say this to remind myself that no matter what occurs or what obstacle may lie in my path, I can stay connected to me. I can keep focus on who it is I am in my core, who it is that gives me strength, who it is that has led me through difficulty in the past, and who it is that keeps me grounded in delight. 

When I picture the essence of me, when I turn my attention inward to me, when I realign myself with my breath, I can stop and be at peace. I can have the spun up energy spin its web around me without catching me in it. I can remain steady through the pouring rain. It's that core of who I am that I believe in. It's that soul inside that remains strong when I feel unsteady. It's that image that I carry of who I am inside, that will carry me through and lead me where it is I need to go. 

After all, this is the life. 


  1. Realignment, we all require it. Your posts are calming and reassuring. HAve a great day, Allison.


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