For as long as it lasts

It's funny sometimes how life sneaks up on you. How are you cruising right along, things are going well, you meet people and you enjoy your work and then suddenly you find yourself face to face with someone you want to know more of, to know better, to be with. Dating, it seems, it not always fruitless, is not always an exercise in futility. Because when you realize that the time has come for you to meet someone you are supposed to meet, when the time has come for you to open your eyes, when you understand it's time to let your heart embrace the person in front of you, it is exhilarating and downright terrifying.

Fate has a funny way, sometimes, of stepping in and bringing you exactly to that place where you are supposed to be on exactly the night you are supposed to be there. And while you may have doubted in the past, it is true that if something is meant to be, it will be, and wishing and pushing and praying for it to get here sooner won't make it so. But when it happens, it's quite the thing to behold.

I've been afraid for a long time of letting someone in. Having opened up before and having lost along the way, I was more sheltered than I wanted to admit. Yet over time and over wine and over conversations and laughter, I found myself understanding that opening up to the right person makes it seem as if there is no work to do, no fighting to be had; it will just happen and you'll find yourself looking forward to being with that person rather than being without them.

I don't know where all these paths lead and while I try to plan for contingencies, I also enjoy the journey for as long as it lasts and as long as it can. It's been a lesson long-learned over time. It's been years in the making. It's made me different than who I was. I can't pretend to understand why different obstacles get thrown into the road, why things seemingly meant to be suddenly get complicated along the way, but I do know this: if something is meant to be, it will be. So in those times when you question, in those times when you're afraid, remember that you found someone along the way, unexpectedly, and be grateful for that; for the time that you had together, for the time that you were together. Because timing is a funny thing, having someone walk into your life, and while it may not be what you had expected, it could turn out to be even more than you had dreamed.

After all, this is the life.