As the wind blows

There are times in my life when I feel lost and alone, when the wind blows hard and rattles the glass panes in the window. When the whooshing and whirring and streaming and stirring of the air outside makes me want to hunker down, makes me want to shut myself in. But I don't want to be hunkered down and I don't want to be huddled alone. I don't to be shut in and I don't want to be closed off. I want to be open. I want to be available. I want to expand and I want to soak in. And so I started thinking differently about the wind. 

I started thinking that maybe the wind was blowing in change and bringing in goodness. I started listening more and hoping more and thinking more about what I want to have more of in my life: more love, more joy, more success and more laughter, more friendships and more compassion, more brightness and more light. I thought about the wind bringing me all of these things and more. Thinking that the stronger the wind, the more forcefully all that I dreamt of was coming closer... faster. 

I started listening to the wind and thinking of it as a harbinger that good things are coming, that all that I hope for (and even more what I cannot even know to hope for) is on the horizon. The wind makes changes and the wind tests strength. The wind brings us what we want and what we don't even know we want yet. The wind is the carrier for that which we seek and the harder it blows the most swiftly our dreams may be answered. So now when I hear the wind I may still cuddle in and may still bundle up, but I smile inside and I think as I do, wondering what goodness may be brought from the whooshing at my door.

After all, this is the life.


  1. My oh my, you do have a way of painting wonderful word pictures!


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