We all have people in our lives who make us feel not-so-good about ourselves. Some of these people we can move away from forever. We can shut them out and never open the door and move on and move closer to who we are and further from how they see us or want us to be. But some of these people we can't get away from. They are those we run into often or those we see infrequently, but no matter when we see them it makes us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. So what are we  to do with that? What are we to do about those who make us feel lesser than, not good enough, when the nature of our relationship doesn't allow us to separate completely?

I think the answer is to fortify ourselves with the image of who we are and who we want to be. To be authentic and to be ourselves and to be the most genuine and honest version of who we are inside. To imagine what that certainty looks like to others and to walk in that truth. To counter the effect of those who want to see us in an unflattering light, one that doesn't fit or doesn't feel right, requires some fortitude. To be who we are even in situations where others would like us to be something different mandates that we brace ourselves and build ourselves us to be who we are, no matter who surrounds us.

This is not to say we need to be angry or difficult.  This is not to suggest that we act aloof or unapproachable. In fact, what I'm suggesting is just the opposite. To ward off attacks sometimes the best we can do is absorb the energy that asks us to be different and let it go immediately. Sometimes letting the accusations come in and fade away in peace is the best path taken. Sometimes looking with non-judgmental eyes makes judgments about us vaporize and become ineffective.

So in those times when we know we must encounter those who bring out less than our best, take some time to touch base with the image of what you think you are, of who you want to be. Become certain in that. Become steadfast in that. Become taller and stronger and more at peace with that. And as the judgment comes hurling towards you, so it will immediately fade away, and you will continue to stand in your truth and shine brightly on forward, making that the best option possible for yourself and against your enemies.

This is the life.