Still learning

I pride myself on the fact that I know what I'm doing. I know where I want to go in my career, in my romantic life, with my children, with my family and my friends. I want to be strong and steady for those who need a rock in the storm. I want to be a sounding board and an advisor. I want to be someone whom people look to and count on in times of crisis or doubt. I want to be that person who is in your corner, who will have your back, but also tell you what is necessary for you to hear.

What I'm not good at, however, is admitting when I need help, when I don't know all the answers. When I am the one harboring doubt and uncertainty, when I question myself and I question the road I've taken. When I need to seek advice and admit that I may not know it all.

I have gotten better, as I get older, at admitting when I need a helping hand. When it is not being the advisor that I need to be, but the one seeking a friendly ear. I have learned that asking for help is often harder than going it alone, that requesting assistance is a lesson in humility but not a admission of hopelessness.

Because asking someone else for advice means we admit we have so much more to learn. Asking for a friend or a mentor to weigh in, asking for a counselor or a friend to lend an ear, means we're growing up and still soaking it all in. It means we are letting others offer their hand, it means allowing someone else to be your rock. Seeking assistance and continuing to learn means we will not become stale or stagnant, it means we are open to consider other alternatives; it means we are willing to step back, to let someone else step in- to be the person for us that we wish to be for others. Asking for help means we are wiser for asking for opinions and smarter for having heeded the advice.

After all, this is the life.