No words

I have no words today for my children going to school. To tell them about Friday. That a madman broke in. That children were lost. That teachers were heroes. That police officers were brave.

I have no words today to reassure my children that the world is a safe place. That they will be kept from harm. That they can walk in the doors of their school without fear. That they can wake up today with a light heart.

And while I have no words what I do have is faith. That the families will feel our prayers. That the parents will not always be filled with such great sorrow. That our anger at each other for different beliefs might be set aside for a moment. That we may hold each other just a little longer in our arms.

I have no words, but I do have hope. That we are united in our inability to comprehend how tragedy can strike those so young. That we are one in our strength to help shoulder the burden of those who have lost. That we can stand side by side and hand in hand in our grief and our longing.

I have no words, but I do have today. To remind my friends that they are appreciated. To say thank you to those whose work it is to keep us safe. To be grateful for what I have. To be kinder to those who need compassion. To take my children in my arms and surround them in love. To show them through action that they are safe, when words fail to do so.

- a


  1. This is a beautiful perspective on a horrific event. Each of us can make a difference in someone else's life. A smile is far reaching.


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