Un-valentine's Day

It has been a long time since I've had a valentine on Valentine's Day. And despite the fact that I have someone to call "Valentine" this year, I've decided instead to celebrate February 18th rather than February 14th. Why? Because February 18th was the day I met my current valentine, and February 18th is the day that holding out hope and belief was realized and rewarded.

Now, it's not that the road has been easy or bump-free, it's not that the time has been all roses and soft music, but it has been a time of change and it has been a time of realization- that finding someone may happen when you least expect it or when you hope most for it. Getting to meet a person and getting to know them, building a friendship and a relationship, may not come exactly as you imagined, it may not turn out exactly as you expected; but those twists and turns are what build the bones of the relationship, and in turn can make it stronger, or make you stronger for having lived it.

I have always wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day, or so I thought. Instead, I'd rather celebrate the day we met, or our first date, or our fifth date, or our first road trip. Because while Valentine's Day may celebrate love, all of those other days celebrate life. So I'm choosing this year to tip my hat to February 14th, but save my appreciation for February 18th.

After all, this is the life.


  1. Happy whatever you wish to celebrate and hope happiness rides on your shoulder.


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